Telephone destruction

Do you wish to destroy your old mobile telephone? Our collecting service will gladly come to you to destroy your mobile telephone!

 In today’s digital age, electronic developments follow each other very quickly. As a result mobile telephones and other hardware products are quickly replaces. To justify these developments ecologically old mobile telephones should be reused. De Groot Electronics Recycling B.V. is specialised in the destruction of mobile telephones and collects old mobile telephones, PCs, monitors and/or other devices at your site.

Reusing old IT equipment is a process that makes a positive contribution to the environment and society, provided it is implemented properly. De Groot Electronics Recycling B.V. is an approved and certified company and holder of the VIHB certificate.

Recyling mobile telephones and destruction of your hardware.

Permanent removal of data and files in a socially and environmentally responsible manner.

 Do you have old mobile telephones to be destroyed? The memory and stored information on the hard disk of a mobile telephone is confidential and should be removed. After that the residual material of the mobile telephone can be recycled.