Printer Recycling

You want to get rid of your old printer? Our collection service  will gladly visit you for a printer recycling!

In today’s digital age, electronic developments follow each other very quickly. As a result printers and other hardware products are quickly replaced. To justify these developments ecologically the old printers should be reused. De Groot Electronics Recycling B.V. is specialised in printer recycling and collects old PCs, monitors and/or other devices at your site.

Reusing old IT equipment is a process that makes a positive contribution to the environment and society, provided it is implemented properly. De Groot Electronics Recycling B.V. is an approved and certified company and holder of the VIHB certificate.

Printer recycling and destruction of your hardware.

Permanent removal of data and files in a socially and environmentally responsible manner.

 Do you have old printers to be destroyed? The memory and stored information on the hard disk of the old printer is confidential and should be destroyed first. After that the residual material of the computer can be recycled.

IT and printer recycling procedure

In order to complete the procedure properly we take care of the entire destruction and erasing process of the memory. Including collection, transport and treatment of the old hardware. Our unique, process tuned cars ensure that your private property is safely destructed. We not only deal with printers. We also collect monitors, printers, fax machines and other devices.

Ways of handing in

Depending on the number of old computers you wish to hand in, there are several ways to do so. For instance, if large quantities of hardware should be recycled, it is possible to temporarily provide a secured container.

IT and printer recycling procedure

The destruction of data on the hard disks is always carried out in accordance with the EADMS provisions.

Whenever you wish to offer electronic equipment for recycling you can contact us through the data below. We then plan an appointment at a time most convenient to you. When, where and at what time you want us to collect the equipment is entirely up to you. We work fast, reliably and with an environmentally sound approach. That way you and the environment are affected as little as possible.