Data destruction required for your hardware? De Groot Electronics is specialised in data destruction. The hard disk in your computer is filled up with confidential information and private files. It is therefore advisable to have disks which are no longer used destroyed in a professional way. Our specialists can destroy any type of hard disk physically and digitally within a few work days. This process is fully certified and solely carried out by authorised staff. At the end of the process a destruction report is drawn up which on request will be provided with scanned in and possibly registered serial numbers.

We take care of the data destruction of both floppy disks and still completely built-in memory systems, like: HDD and SSD, 2.5 inch or 3.5 inch, SCSI, ATA, SAS,SATA or disks from laptops, desktops or server Raids. Since we wish to offer you an optimal service, it is possible to leave the hardware for data destruction in one of our secured collecting containers. The costs of our services mainly depend on the number of hard disks, which means that a larger quantity of hard disks is relatively cheaper than a few loose ones. Please contact us for a complete price indication about data destruction.

Data destruction process

During the data destruction process the physical hard disk is machine-cut by a professional data destruction equipment which is adjusted to the official directives of the European Association for Data Media Security. All data on the hard disk will be irrevocably destroyed. The small hard disk chips have a surface area of 15 sq mm and are collected in a container. This material is put at the disposal of certified companies for recycling and can never be traced back to your hard disk.

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